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Finding Your Bass Boat

Finding Your Bass Boat

If you are interested in purchasing a bass fishing boat and have no idea what you want to buy, our bass boat information library will help you find some resources concerning what you need to make an informed decision when making that important bass boat purchase.

We will attempt to give you the information you should consider when you are shopping around for a bass boat. These will be in no certain order of importance but you should consider them all when making your purchase decision.

Where Will I Be Bass Fishing?

First you should ask yourself what size water you will be bass fishing in. If you are fishing small rivers, ponds and lakes, you could easily get by with a smaller boat with a smaller outboard motor. If, on the other hand, you will be fishing a lot of bass tournaments and will often be fishing larger bodies of water, you might consider purchasing a larger boat with bigger outboard motor.

Your Choices For Bass Fishing Hooks

Experienced bass fishermen have already learned about the different types of bass fishing hooks available. Novices in the sport should take the opportunity to learn about the different type of bass fishing hooks and their particular uses and advantages.

Off Shank Hooks

Off shank hooks are best used with artificual bait. They feature a bend at the top of the hook where it is connected to the fishing line. Shank hooks are constructed in this manner by design. The way they function is by turning directly in to the fish's mouth when the hook is set. The way the fisher sets the hook impacts whether or not he or she catches a fish, particularly when using artificial lures. While regular hooks can be effective, shank hooks help catch a greater quantity of bass fish. They also deliver consistent results.

Straight Shank Hooks

Bass Fishing Tips

3 Lures You Must Have

Do you know what the top 3 lures for catching Bass are? Though there aren’t any specific statistics, a survey was conducted amongst the pro bass fishermen and it was found that plastic worms won by a large margin. Second and third place were the spinnerbait and then the crank bait.

Did you know that the Evening Secret ( is THE most effective technique for swarming fish to your fishing spot? We use it all the time with EXCELLENT and CONSISTANT results.

Bass Fishing Tournament Etiquette

Bass fishing in tournaments doesn't seem like a sport in which "proper etiquette" really means much. I've fished many bass tournaments in Florida and found out through experience that it is very important.

Let's look at this bass tournament scenario. You get up early in the morning preparing for your fishing trip. You then drink a couple cups of coffee, light up a cigarette and take care the 3 s's before you hitch up your boat. Once on the road you have a nice conversation with your "draw" partner on where you're going to start and what you're gonna throw so you guys can catch loads of fish in your favorite honey hole.

By the end of the tournament, you weigh in your fish and manage to get 5th place! Lucky for you, the tournament had enough entries to pay all the way to 7th place. You are real happy until a few of the guys give you the "bird" and say some unpleasant things to you. Then you think, "What's their problem?"

Boat Flies Off Trailer, Crushes Truck

That's one fishing trip that didn't go well!

Looks like this crazy Texan was so excited to get to the lake he tried to launch his boat on the highway while going 70mph.

Everyone knows that fish live in the water, not on the highway!


A two-vehicle accident occurred on Hwy 153 towards Hords Creek.
The collision happened when an eastbound pickup truck pulling a bass
boat on a trailer attempted to pass a county maintainer that was
turning left into the county barn. The sheriff's department,
fire department and D.P.S. were all on the scene.

Fishing for striped bass is fun!

Striped bass can be caught on a number of baits including: clams, eels, bunker/menhaden and sand worms. At other times, striped bass can be very choosy about the baits they take. Because of the wide variety baits that are known to work and their finicky nature, they are considered among fishermen as being an opportunistic or “lazy” feeder. However, it is estimated that 90% of their diet is fish.

Record Breaking Catfish Caught on Barbie Poll

That’s David Hayes’ story and he’s sticking with it. The Wilkes County angler used his granddaughter’s Barbie Doll rod-and-reel combo - all 2 ½ feet of it - to reel in a new state record channel catfish that measured 2 inches longer than the fishing pole.

Hayes landed the record-breaking fish, which weighed 21 pounds, 1 ounce, on Aug. 5 from a private pond in Wilkes County while fishing with his granddaughter Alyssa, 3.

According to Hayes, the unusual fishing experience began in the early evening with a trip to the garden for bait. After collecting several black crickets, he and Alyssa went down to the pond behind the house to fish for bluegill, an activity the pair have enjoyed together since Alyssa was barely big enough to hold a fishing rod.

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