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Salmon Fishing Lures - 3 Ways To Use Them For Successful Fishing

Salmon Fishing Lures - 3 Ways To Use Them For Successful Fishing

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

You would have to get the salmon fishing lures according to the season and time of the year, the conditions of the water and the feeding habits of the salmon to get the best results from your fishing expedition for salmons. There are some fundamental tactics or tips for selecting the correct one from the wide range of salmon fishing lures available in the market. There is a difference between fresh water and salt water fishing lures, and these are used more when dragging a bait line through water rather than any other ways of angling.

1. Use spinners in the Northwest
Different locations use varying types of lures for salmon fishing so the choice depends on where the angler is planning to catch his fish. Spinners are more in demand in the Northwest locations, with a variety of several different sizes and colors accessible. There is a flat metallic disk on spinners which is often painted white, red, white, green or yellow patterned, which is nearest to the line, pursued by a body that is brightly colored, and then the hook which is of very little weight to give a suspended appearance as it whirls through the water. The spinner’s body sometimes has brilliant tinted beads that reflect the light and also give both reverberation and movement as the lure goes all through the water.

You could add scent and Bait to the spinner to make it more appealing, more so when the water is murky or cloudy and the visibility is poor because of cloudy weather or early morning hours.

2. Baiting with spoons for salmons
Spoons are utilized in many different types of fishing, mainly when salmons aggressively move and feed with the bait fish the spoons come in handy to make the catch. Characteristically spoons are normally colored vibrantly and are very popular with bigger salmon as the reason for using spoons is to make the movement similar to bait fish and lure the salmons. There is no need to add any scent to the spoon for added attraction as the salmon that is feeding aggressively will in any case hit on the action of the spoon cutting through the water.

3. River fishing with plugs

Rapala and plug kind of salmon fishing lures are perfect for both the river and isthmus fishing. These thick lures which look like baits have a sequence of hooks. Though these lures often have added baits or scents to attract the salmon, it is not really necessary as the fish are much more attracted to the movement of the plug in the muddy water. In the clear water a little way up the river, the swiftly moving wiggle warts or smaller plugs
supply an intense amount of movement in the water, and attracts the salmons that are hungry. These salmon fishing lures are normally vibrantly tinted in gold, silver, red, yellow, green and blue. The main thing in angling with the different kinds of river lures is to maintain the lure near to the bed of the rivulet, and move it in opposition to the current and in the course where the salmon are swimming. Even fish that are not interested in feeding will strike because of the motion of the lure.

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